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From: Erkki Aho
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Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.....

Honorable Commissioner for Justice of European Union Vera Jourova, International Criminal Court, Amnesty International, United Nations Regional Information Centre (UNRIC)

Finns urgently need help. Finland does not have the rule of law and does not respect the European Convention on Human Rights. Finland needs a constitutional court. Finland needs a Truth Commission to investigate the 1990s recession and the banking crisis. There has been a major robbery of property and genocide. 60 000 companies were withdrawn from the market. 500,000 people lost their jobs. Citizens did not get justice when the bank always won in court. 14,500 entrepreneurs committed suicide in a difficult situation. The decisions of the Finnish political leadership were declared secret.

Bank crisis, I've lost my business, my property and my family. The State of Finland to take employment pension every month a large part of the punishment that I have been an entrepreneur in Finland. I do not get justice in Finland. I have suffered huge economic losses and horrendous psychological damage of criminal activity due to the State of Finland. The legal battle against the Finnish state has been going on for 24.5 years.

However, I am still alive. I have been several times as a refugee in Finland and abroad. I have exposed the criminal activity Finland's political leadership.

Mayday Finland - Emergency cry from Finland

Pankkikriisiselvitys -karmea totuus julki - Bank Crisis Resolution - Spooky Truth Revealed

Mafian kosto - Revenge of the Mafia

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Erkki Aho

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